As you can see, my name is Justin Taylor & this is my primary hub on the web. Want to reach me, look down & see how here.

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Alliant Coaching, Alliant Local & Xiptek
Klamath Falls
Klamath County
Oregon - 97601
United States
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Products and Services
I can show ANY business owner in less than 35-40 minutes how to triple their current number of leads, double their sales & increase their annual revenue by $30 - $50 thousand dollars or more & WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

Check out my new online business development and strategic marketing training membership site:
Areas of Service
Wherever you are, I can & will be, either personally or virtually.

I Primarily work remotely/virtually within:

Service area for virtual services, is global/worldwide.

Service area for offline & hybrid online/offilne services is global/worldwide.

[As they say, the world truly is my oyster.]

Primary target areas for all products/services is located in the United States.

I live in Oregon, USA
Opening Hours
Standard DayTime
Across All Continental US Time Zones.

Monday to Friday
Traditionally 0800 (Eight AM) to 1800 (Six PM)

(MST [Mountain Time Zone])
(PST [Pacific Time Zone])

Set an appointment that fits your needs & schedule using the first link of this site.
Payment Methods
All types of payments are accepted.

Cash, Credit [Mastercard, Visa, Discover, AMEX], Check, & Bank Transfer

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Multiple types: examples include - PayPal & Stripe.
eMarketing Association Professional Member
PWA (Professional Writing Association) Member

BS in Marketing
BS in Advertising Management
MBA in Marketing

Michael Masterson's Copywriting Course

PR Professional at helping anyone and any business get the exposure they need online!!

(Close to a PhD. in Organizational Leadership. - ABD)
Having a successful business growth strategist will make your goals of starting &/or growing your business easier & achievable. I’m a business development & marketing strategist. I work with small-medium-sized businesses that have little to no money to spend on marketing.

Marketing is the most misunderstood skill, 65% of new businesses close their doors after 2 yrs, over 85% before 8 yrs.
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Misunderstood Skill
Most of your competition simply does not understand how to do marketing properly, to bring in amazing results in little to no time. Just knowing a few simple things will put you at a great advantage. Marketing is the very heart of your business and everything else is built around that heart to protect it and make it function even better.

In the land of the blind, the person with one eye is KING!
Running a business is not easy.
I know how overwhelming & demanding running a business can be & for that reason I have dedicated my life to both learning & then teaching small businesses how to achieve success in the marketplace.

I have a duplicatable system to help any business triple their current number of leads, double their sales & increase their annual revenue by at least $30-$50K & do it WITHOUT spending a cent on ads.
SpeakingBadger - Around the Net
You might notice I am also known with a common username across the Internet in many online places as SpeakingBadger. Most commonly my personal & some business profiles use a link with that username.

That makes it easy for you to find me, even if you forget my name & how to find this site.

* Do a search for "SpeakingBadger", as one word, you will certainly find at least one way to contact me. *

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